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Ku Kirim Cinta - EP 18

Nadia cannot accept Hamid's proposal because she sympathizes Fatimah. Liana gets frightened when she meets Nordin and run to Hj Shuib. Meanwhile Nisha is confused between Zarul and Farhan. Nordin feel Liana has cheated him and demanded his money back. Farhan heard about it and is willing to help Liana pays off her debts.


Baba Papa The Series - EP 5

Izzaty's colleague, Dilah warns Izzaty about being too close to Marina, the new producer in the office. Izzaty initially dismisses Dilah's concerns but realises that Dilah may be right when Marina does not consult her on a project they are working on. Meanwhile, Latif gets connected with an old secondary school friend, Julia, through social media and this intrigues Izzaty, who decides to investigate the story behind Latif and Julia.


Taman Mini - EP 4

Taman Mini invites children aged 3-6 years old into the imaginary world of the Mini Mons - Nek Mon (the wise one). Mai Mon (the keeper of the magic dust), Dai Mon (the inventor), Le Mon (the artist) and Ti Mon (the botanist) - who live under the Supertree Groves at Gardens By The Bay. These five adorable, friendly, intelligent monsters can only be seen by children. In each episode, Azam enters the world of the Mini Mons and together with the five Mini Mons, they impart important values.


Masak Apa Tu - EP 9

Masak Apa Tu pairs a celebrity with their family member. Each week, we will learn different recipes and experience funny moments as the celebrity goes to shop and cook in the kitchen.


Vila Ghazara - EP 37

Maria turns up at the hospital to visit Dr Ghaz. Datin Zara is in denial when she finds out there is another woman in her husband's life. Hariz reveals to his family that he works as a doctor at the hospital where Dr Ghaz is warded. Arianna leaves the villa after Ellie belittles her.


Detik 2019-2020 - EP 40

The half hour program analyses and dissect issues of concern to the Malay-Muslim Singaporeans - be it at the community level, national, regional or global. Apart from raising awareness, each DETIK episode hopes to set viewers thinking and make informed decisions on matters that can impact their lives.


Sihat Oh Sihat S2 - EP 2

SOS (Sihat Oh Sihat) is a medical and health themed infotainment talk show, formatted after Mediacorp Channel 8's successful health talk show series, Body SOS. Its a one-stop health programme that encourages people to educate themselves and ask questions regarding health issues that concern them.The programme is anchored by Suzairhe Sumari and Haizad Imran, who play the role of medical doctors, updating their knowledge on various health issued from experts. Host: Suzairhe Sumari and Haizad Imran


Couple Cosmo - EP 5

Ruby's problem surmounts forcing Remy to meet Jack. Happy finds out about what Tipez has been up to. She tries to get her to confess. Marzuki faces tension at home with Sofea being upset. He finds joy in meeting and helping Daud pursue the woman who caught his eye.


SR115 - EP 8

After discovering that her long lost father is none other than Salihin Arshad himself, Liz is hurtled into a dangerous game orchestrated by Alexandra herself. Salihin will be forced to surrender the only trump card he has and only one will emerge victorious.


Berita 2019-2020 - EP 332

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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