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Ku Kirim Cinta - EP 15

Farhan decided to leave after Nisha rejected his love and ask him to leave. Hj Shuib, Maisarah and Nisha persuaded Farhan to make a police report for his injury. Nordin is very angry when Nisha slapped him.


Forensik - EP 8

Special Guest: Ian FangWhen a decomposed body is found in Camden Nature Park, the police are baffled as no one fitting the victim's description was reported missing. Juliana has an uphill battle to fight as it is nearly impossible to identify the body from her remains.Razali must deal with a new partner, Isaac Tan, after Farid is put on medical leave after being injured during a rescue mission.Kamal and Siti make a final decision that will impact their future together … forever.


Supa Strikas 6 - EP 11

In the 6th season of Supa Strikas, expect intense competition against their rival teams as the Supa Strikas step up their game by developing new technology as well as refining their football skills to withold their title as this year's Super League champions!


Top 5 Makan - EP 5

Top 5 Makan lists out the best places to eat in Klang Valley - from Burgers and Seafood to Western and Nasi Lemak. Hosted by Dayana Roza, this show will showcase different great versions of a dish there can be. Celebrate the best of its kind and see how your favourite dishes are given a unique twist.

On Now

Vila Ghazara - EP 34

Sofea is suspected of kidnapping Alia. Tina creates a ruckus at the villa as she thinks Hariz is avoiding her intentionally. Zarul comes to a conclusion that the mastermind behind his family's downfall is Linda.


Berita 2019-2020 - EP 327

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.


Jurnal Joey - EP 6

Joey causes his team to lose in a video game. Shauqi and Nadir move on to the next level without him. In order to compete with them, Joey sacrifices his sleep. A stranger then offers Joey his game avatar and he simply can't resist it. Little did Joey know, he is a digital scam target.


Kayuhan Kasih Ayah

The story of Yatim, a straight-hearted man, who gave his life by peddling with a tricycle. One day, Yatim saw a heartbreaking separation between Rizqi and his mother and his younger sister who has to be sent to an orphanage. Since then, Yatim works hard and donated his savings to the orphanage.


Girlfriends - EP 3

Programme is not available for live streaming. Look out for Girlfriends, a refreshing new show, loaded with information and the latest trends to be shared with the women of today. Taking off from the well-received radio show anchored by Ria 89.7FM's radio deejay Fiza O, the TV show will be fronted by Fiza and popular personality, Nadiah M.Din.


Berita 2019-2020 - EP 327

Catch the latest local and international news on Suria.

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